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We have decided to create this tool to make it as easy as possible to create icons for your social networks, sites for sale of photos and videos, in addition to the links to your wish lists (amazon, aliexpress and lovense).

Using this tool is extremely simple, you just have to copy and paste your username or link, then all you have to do is press the “Generate Code” button, copy the resulting code and paste it into your profile.

In addition to creating the icons for your fan club and chaturbate registration, the tool includes 15 other websites + a free space to put the link to your personal website or any other page of your interest.

ATTENTION: You cannot link to other sites similar to Chaturbate (for example – StripChat) they are in direct competition and can even ban your account, so DO NOT DO IT.

Modify the position of the icons

If you want to change the position of the icons it is very easy. All codes start like this:

<p style="top:167px;left:0px;line-height:10px;z-index:9999;position:fixed;width:36px;">

You just have to set these three parameters:

  • The first parameter (top: 167px;) means the distance between the first icon and the top of the page. Therefore, if we want the icons to appear further down the page, we just have to modify the numbers and put a higher value, for example 200 (top: 200px;)
  • The second parameter (left: 0px;) means the distance of the icons, with respect to the left part of the page. If we want to move them a little more to the right, we can put for example (left: 5px;)
  • The third and last parameter (line-height: 10px;) represents the distance between the icons. If we have few icons and we want there to be a little more space between them, we must change the number to a higher value, for example (line-height: 18px;)

You can always contact us by writing an email to [email protected] and we will be delighted to help you. Do not forget to put the link to your chaturbate profile in the email.

For now we have these icon packs available:

Direct link to the tool to generate the code

Pak 1pak1-demo
Pak 2pak2-demo
Pak 3pak3-demo
Pak 4pak4-demo
Pak 5pak5-demo
Pak 6pak6-demo
Pak 7 pak7-demo
Pak 8 pak8-demo
Pak 9 pak9-demo
Pak 10 pak10-demo
Pak 11pak11-demo

See the details of each package.

Pak 1 Chaturbate Icon MakerPak 2 Chaturbate Icon Maker
Pak 3 Chaturbate Icon MakerPak 4 Chaturbate Icon Maker
Pak 7 - Chaturbate Social Media Button and Icon MakerPak 8 - Chaturbate Social Media Button and Icon Maker
Pak 9 - Chaturbate Social Media Button and Icon MakerPak 10 - Chaturbate Social Media Button and Icon Maker
Pak 11 - Chaturbate Social Media Button and Icon Maker

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  1. Can this be used for other websites too?

    1. Is designed for chaturbate only. Maybe next month I will create new tools like this for others websites.
      What other pages are you interested in?

  2. I am looking for bonga cams and stripchat pleaseeeeeee! Thank you so so [email protected]@@

    1. For now only work for Chaturbate – we will test some codes for others cam sites….

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