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Create a good webcam profile – Creating a good profile on the webcam pages requires a little more than taking some photos with your Smartphone, it also needs production that gives you that professional touch whether or not you are a model that starts in the race.

Be disciplined and organize, remember that to succeed you must have a great passion and dedication for your work.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the quality of the photos you will publish must be high definition, you cannot upload photos taken from dark, blurred or backlit cell phones. Your users want to appreciate your body, but also where you are, so before publishing them, select the ones that have a perfect sharpness and show your body better. – Create a good webcam profile

Another thing you have to know is that photographs without “art and history” subtract points. What is it about? Well, when we talk about art, we mean the way you will look through the images. Art is necessary for you to upgrade, positions you among the most beautiful and gives you glamor. On the other hand, the story is the description you want to give the photo through your beauty.

It’s not about posing with a beautiful background, it’s about transmitting your personality, sensuality and charisma to catch your followers. You have to get them to love seeing you through photos, and that way, they will be connected to you until you are not transmitting.

The costumes you wear when taking pictures is as important as the message you want to send. The clothes have to fit the body well, remember that everyone loves your curves. Sometimes, the models usually upload photographs where the clothes make their body look very bad, highlighting their worst angles, which makes them dazzle and look “cheap” the latter happens very often, when they wear underwear, with little flattering poses, and in this way they only get negative attention from users. Take care of the details like the hairstyle and nails. – Create a good webcam profile

Create a good webcam profile

Fill out all the form data in an honest way, with polite and elegant words. It will always be better for you to talk about yourself in a transparent way about your life and your tastes, for example, describing yourself as a woman who likes food, movies, exercising. Always taking care of the way you describe yourself; avoid using language that seems vulgar and classless. Things like “I am complacent and I will fulfill your fantasies” damage your image.

How to use the influence of superheroes and villains in the room

Create webcam profile

Every time a movie of these figures comes out, the pages are filled with users in search of encounters with camgirls who look like their heroine.

On pages like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate, it is necessary to design the profile very well, you must create harmony between colors, type and size of font, banners alluding to networks and the sale of content such as photos and videos, in addition to highlighting the “talents” found in the model room: special dances, artistic presentations, games, contests among others. – Create a good webcam profile


It is important that the photos are more beautiful, sensual or suggestive than pornographic. A porn photo makes you look “vulgar”, while a stylish one makes you look like a high-class model, beautiful, elegant and classy.

Keep in mind that users prefer natural models, with sensual or urban photos than porn photos. If you are a nude, you should wear a suggestive but not explicit artistic style. That makes you fall in love and hook.

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