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This section is dedicated to the inscriptions for the Erotic Video Chat

If you have questions, you can read this ANSWERS before.

What do I have to fill out this form?

  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • A valid identity document – DNI – Passport or Driving license.
  • A photo of the identity document.
  • A photo of the face type DNI
  • A photo holding the ID next to the face.
  • A normal photo, showing the face, can be sexy (recommended) but without nudity.


  • The data sent through this form is saved in our database and is confidential.
  • Photos can be taken with a digital photo camera (recommended), or with your mobile phone at maximum resolution.

Samples of the necessary photos.

Foto rostro
Photo Face
foto dni videochat
Passport or DNI
foto dni y rostro
Face photo + DNI

Fill the inscription form.

Select your sexual preferences
One or more CLEAR photos of your face, as indicated in the sample image above.
One or more CLEAR photos of your ID or PASSPORT, as indicated in the "sample" image above.
In the case of the DNI, a photo of the back of this document is also necessary.
One or more CLEAR photos of your ID or Passport attached to your face (see the image of "sample above")
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
One or more "SEXY" photos to use in your user profile. They will be used to promote your video chat profile.
The desired username. In the event that it is NOT available, we will use another one.

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