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First of all:

Do not worry – all our designs will continue to work.

As of October 15, 2021, Chaturbate is changing the way in which custom profiles will be seen.

Basically there are two important changes, first is that the design will be visible only on the “Biography” tab (it can no longer exit this picture), and the second important change is that any floating element (photos, icons, texts …) It will be moved inside the “Biography” tab without being floating.

For those who interest them a little more, the technical aspect, the most important thing is that any CSS that is “position: fixed” will be changed automatically to “position: absolute“.

The – why?

Chatubate has taken this decision to deal with the people who have put all kinds of images and links ABOVE the spaces reserved for the publicity of the platform, or even above the “Login” or “Signup” buttons.

Even though the practices described above are totally forbidden (under the threat that they can eliminate the user account) little by little the most popular models, they have begun to decorate their profiles TOTALLY IGNORING these rules.

You have to understand that it is tremendously difficult to make the decision to eliminate the account of a model with a million followers …. The platform risks a part of these users, besides losing the model that can go to work on another platform. Then, little by little other people have begun to do the same – “If she can, me why not?

The solution they have found is “encapsulate” all on the tab “Biography”

In this way, no one can put anything to cover the different elements of the platform, such as login or signup buttons, advertising, links or tabs dedicated to proper functioning or access to different pages within the Chaturbate platform.

Our designs.

All our designs will continue to work after day 15-Oct-2021.

You can only observe small changes in the general aspect of the design you use.

First: in the designs that have a background (color or image) below all the elements of the page, you will notice that this fund will no longer be visible, because it exceeds the “Biography” tab. From now, no design can use a background throughout the page.

Second: Floating icons, both lateral and those below, will move inside the Biography tab and will no longer be floating. All these icons remain fixed on the page (on the side and below). From now, no element can be floating, not even inside the “Biography” tab.

Third: In some designs we have used a code to change the color of the top bar. The result of this code (the color) from now on will be visible at the top of your biography.

Adapt the designs

As we have already said, all designs will continue to work, but from day 15 we are going to make small changes such as eliminating the background color or code to color the top bar.

If you get the case that in the design you use, you have to make some changes, contact us by email – [email protected]

Note: If your email is “Gmail“, first add our email to your contact list. Sometimes Gmail rejects emails from Yandex (it is probably a commercial tactic to force people to use their services and not those of other suppliers) and as a consequence we can not send you the modified code on time.

On the 15th, we will review all our existing designs and if the saucepan is given, we will modify the code.

All codes published on our website from 16 onwards, will be adapted for the new format (including codes for old designs).

Notice for all users with custom profiles by us:

Between 15 and 20 of this month, we expect more requests to make changes in the profiles. We prepare ourselves to face a long baking of work, but in any case we ask them a little patience (if necessary …). We will try to send the codes modified in less than 72 hours since we receive your request.

As always, we hope with much interest your questions, comments and suggestions.

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