How to stream shows from your smart phone on Chaturbate?

A good option if you are having trouble connecting and you cannot get a good Internet connection or if you are not at home. Mobile broadcasting is now available in beta on To broadcast, login to and find the “Broadcast Beta” button from the menu on the left.

Currently beta mode functionality includes:

  • private show
  • group show
  • receiving chat
  • PMs
  • tip notes.

Sending chat and other chat features are not available at this time.

Supported Browsers

  • iOS: Safari 11+
  • Android: Chrome 67+, Samsung Browser 7.4+


We recommend using the latest version of Safari on iPhone and Chrome for Android devices. Ensure your device is updated the most recent OS release. Other devices and browsers may also work however they have not been fully tested.

iOS users:

Streaming only works in lanscape/horizontal mode, and the stream will stop if you rotate the device.

Android users:

Turn camera horizontal to begin broadcasting. Once your stream has started the camera will be locked so you can rotate your device.

Before You Start, Think About Stability

You’re about to discover how simple it is to turn your Android device into a webcam. But before you do that, it’s time to think about stability.

No one wants to watch a video feed where the image constantly shakes around and blurs. To overcome this, you’ll need to find somewhere safe to stand your phone. This might be something simple, like a Popsocket to lean against, or even Lego bricks.

As long as you have some means of propping up your phone, the video feed should be clear and stable. You might have a case that lets you stand the phone. If not, look at a tripod designed for smartphones.

A good webcam can be expensive, and for the more serious streamer, that’s still going to be a better all-around solution. But using this method you can get a very good result from the phone in your pocket, and in almost every case, your phone’s camera will produce a better result. It will handle exposure and dynamic range better, and you could get a much more professional-looking show.

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