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Working in video chat is the easiest

Video chat – If you have come here, it is because you are looking for a safe and reliable page to work in video chat. The Internet is full of ads that are looking for models to work in video chat, but the truth is that many of them, if not all, are from studios or agencies, which take part of your profits, without giving you practically nothing in return.

We want to recommend the best pages to broadcast on video chat from your home, without agencies, intermediaries, or anything like it.

What is Chaturbate? – Video chat

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In recent years there have been several pages that work differently from what was usual, are the free chat pages. In them the images of the girls are available to everyone. In her channel, every girl is free to do practically what she wants. Some ask for tokens in exchange for undressing, others are willing to have sex with their partner in exchange for a generous sum … the possibilities are almost endless.

Chaturbate is one of those pages, and certainly one of the most popular. Chaturbate gives you full freedom to act on your channel as you see fit. You can set your token goals, using the available apps and bots. They are small applications that help you when issuing. If you have a basic English level you can use them and configure them to your liking.

You can show the name of the person who has given you more money, automatically thank those who have given you money, make your demands visible before acting … you decide and if you have doubts, you can spy on the other models to see how They use those tools. Visit the section on how to sign up for Chaturbate to learn more about apps and bots.

To make money in Chaturbate it is vital to show yourself as a nice and above all active girl, that during the time she is broadcasting, do not stand still for a moment to achieve her goals. It is very important that you encourage your viewers to give you tokens. How to do it is up to you.

You can show a part of your body briefly to incite donations, insinuate yourself for a few minutes, etc. We can’t list all the strategies and techniques that girls use every day in Chaturbate, but if you have doubts about what works or not, just check out some of the most watched channels.

To succeed in Chaturbate it is important to appear on the first page of the web. The rooms are ordered by spectators, and to achieve them, you must show attractive images continuously on your channel, because it is those same images that appear on the cover. These images will allow you to attract more viewers. The more the better.

Most Chaturbate users are not paid, but they will help you show yourself on the front page and indirectly help you get more visibility on the web, which will result in financial contributions from other users who are willing to reward you financially, They are so many.

How is Jasmin? – Video chat

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Jasmin is a traditional webcam page. It has much less active users than Chaturbate, but those there are more likely to pay the models, since they enjoy a private and personalized show.

In general it is not suitable for newer and inexperienced models, since there are many requirements to meet, very good photos, well decorated rooms, lighting, …..

To register in Jasmin, it is necessary that you have high-quality profile photos, and we refer specifically to photos taken by a professional photographer.

It is a Jasmin requirement to ensure the quality of the models and offer a unique and quality service to its users. If you can complete that process, Jasmin is basically the only good private chat page that exists, since a large number of its regular customers have no problem paying the girls for a quality private.

In that sense, in Jasmin you have a public area, where you are not allowed to undress and another for members, where you can do it. You can change from one area to another at will. Simply attract the maximum users you can to your member area and try to pay a private one.

Once there, it is up to you to keep them as long as possible. The longer they are, the more you will earn. Also if several users enter your private simultaneously, your benefits will be multiplied by each user who is watching you. Payments in Jasmin are made every 2 weeks, as in Chaturbate, and you have several payment methods available.

Main features of Chaturbate:

Being Chaturbate a free chat page we have thought it convenient to explain its operation in detail for the most inexperienced models.

To work in video chat with Chaturbate, you must be clear about how much tokens and some other things are equivalent:

In Chaturbate, tokens are earned, which is a virtual currency exclusive to the web. Those tokens have a monetary value and can be converted to dollars. To bring your Chaturbate money to your payment method, you must convert the tokens to real money before the end of the payment period you are in. To do this, use the control panel options, in the “Token Statistics” tab.

Each token equals 5 cents. This is already discounting the part that stays Chaturbate. You will earn 50% of what you enter, more than in other webcam sites and do not even talk if you work for a studio that can stay quietly 20 or 25%.

The minimum amount to be able to make a withdrawal to your preferred payment method, amounts to 1000 tokens or 50 dollars. It is the minimum amount you have to earn in order to make a withdrawal.

To get the money, you must convert the tokens into money and if you have enough they will be sent to you at the end of the established payment period. In other words, if you have 1000 tokens or more and do not convert them into money, that money will be saved in your account until you decide to convert it to real money, as long as they are more than 1000 tokens.

The periods range from 1 to 15 and from 16 to the end of the month. They are the 2 tranches of the month in which your earnings are accounted for. The money will arrive at the payment method you have chosen a few days after those periods end.

There are several payment methods. Paxum, Check by mail, or Direct Deposit (Only for USA) or bank transfer.

There are 2 types of models. Chaturbators and Exhibitionist. The former can obtain tokens (money) and their age is verified. Exhibitionists are not of verified age and cannot earn tokens. You cannot earn tokens until your age is verified. To do this you will have to send a photo of your identity document and another photo holding it.

Every hour there is a contest with a points system. The number of spectators and the amount of money received are related. The winner takes 10 dollars and the second 5 dollars.

You can silence viewers a maximum of 6 hours, just like the bans.

Moderators: There are spectators who have privileges to ban and silence users. They usually try to help the model by encouraging the rest to contribute money and to drive out annoying users.

You can sell photos and videos by announcing it on your channel

The indicator that someone has given you money is yellow. Seeing it is certainly a great moment and encourages you to work in video chat a little more.

The “New Model” label only lasts 7 days from the moment you are verified.

Token value for Chaturbate members (not for models).

This is the value of tokens for users, not for models. That is, a user gets X tokens by paying X dollars, tokens that he will then use to pay the models.

  • 100 tokens for $ 10.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 20.99
  • 500 tokens for $ 44.99
  • 750 tokens for $ 62.99
  • 1000 tokens for $ 79.99
  • 2025 tokens for $ 159.99

We will assume that a user has decided to register in Chaturbate, and has decided to spend for example $ 10.99. You will have 100 tokens at your disposal, which you can allocate to the models of your choice. The models, then, earn tokens by broadcasting in free chat, setting goals for their audience before performing an action such as undressing, having sex with someone live, etc.

If the model prefers to issue only in private, it can do so by charging a fixed token rate per minute. As you can see, working in video chat is something flexible and everyone can do it in the way they see fit.

When the model earns tokens, its value is already $ 0.05 and it has already discounted the part that is left Chaturbate.

Registering in Chaturbate

You can also find a tutorial to sign up for Chaturbate (search our website).

Once you are identified on the page, it is time to start broadcasting. To issue, you must click on the “Transmit yourself” option at the top of the page. Once there, we will see a warning box. Click on the button to accept, and you will see a box on the left that allows you to choose the broadcast device, which should be your webcam, and the quality with which you want to broadcast. As I mentioned, in order to work in video chat and earn money, Chaturbate has to verify your age and verify that you are over 18 years old. To do this, you must click on the link that is just below the video window: “You must submit age verification ”or“ submit age verification ”. Once done, you must accept the conditions of Chaturbate, which are exposed in a document called “Performer agreement” and verify your identity, for which you must send a scan or photo of your identity document, by clicking on the option: “Upload / Verify your identity. ” Here you must: 1- In “Photo ID”, you must send the scanned or photographed document. 2-In “Holding the Photo ID Next to Your Face” you must send a photo of yourself holding your own identity document. It is important that this photo clearly shows you, both you and the identification document. It is mandatory to send both photos so that your identity is verified and you can earn money. Once your identity is verified, your status will go from Exhibitionist to Chaturbator and that will mean that you can now work in video chat seriously and earn money.

How do I get my money?

If you have decided to work in video chat with Chaturbate, you will need a payment method. Below we explain how it works.To be able to make a withdrawal to your bank account, you must transform the tokens into real money, choosing the corresponding option in the model menu. It is an indispensable requirement to have earned 50 dollars or more (1000 tokens) in the current payment period. If you have not already done so, the money is saved for the next period in which you earn more than that amount, in which you would receive the money of the current period and the money in arrears. Then you will have to establish a preferred payment method on your profile. You can choose between: Paxum, Check by mail, or Direct Deposit (Only for USA) or bank transfer.When you earn money (tokens) in Chaturbate and transform it into real money, they will automatically send the money at the end of the payment periods established (2 each month) through the payment method you have chosen. Remember: whenever you have transformed the tokens into real money. To transform the tokens into money, you must go to the tabs under the chat window, specifically the one that says “Token Stats” or “Token Stats” if you You have in English. There you will see a menu of options to perform the transformation. Then you must fill out a form to confirm the operation. In order to perform the conversion, it is mandatory to have confirmed your age before.

Below I give you a series of basic tips to make working in video chat in Chaturbate a simpler experience.

Basic Tricks:

  • Send private messages to blue users and use the “Tab” or Tab key to toggle between the different private message windows.
  • Encourage users to follow you.
  • Ask your users to write: tipher (emoticon) in the chat.
  • It makes no sense to work in video chat without communicating. Talk to your viewers and thank them for their donations.
  • Update your bio with colors and show the users that have given you the most tokens.
  • Ask your users to raise the spending limit and that way they will get 200 tokens for free, which they can then spend on you.
  • Activate the Fan clubs option, in the “Settings & Privacy” tab. That will allow you to earn something more per month if you have a good customer base.

Working in video chat is a social experience too. Do not ignore your viewers and interact with them. Pay special attention to those who have tokens in their accounts or to those who have previously made a donation. As you will see later, they are identified in several colors.

Click on any username to:

  • Send you a private message.
  • Add or remove a moderator from your channel. This is if you have confidence with any of your users, to help you in the moderation work of your channel, which users to ban, etc. Handle this option carefully.
  • Ignore a user’s messages.
  • Silence a user for 6 hours.
  • Cast off your channel or ban a user for 30 days.
  • You have multiple options so that working in video chat is something nice.

User colors:

Learn to identify users at a glance and work in video chat will be easier.

  • Orange means that they are users or models that are broadcasting.
  • Red are names of moderators.
  • Light blue are users who have or have bought tokens.
  • Dark blue are users who have donated at least 50 tokens in the last 24 hours.
  • Light purple are users who have donated at least 250 tokens in the last 24 hours.
  • Dark purple are users who have donated at least 1000 tokens in the last 24 hours.
  • Green are members of the fan club.
  • Gray are users who do not have tokens.

Assign moderators – Video chat

As I said, those members you trust, can be in charge of monitoring the chat room and silencing those who cause you problems so that working in video chat is a better experience.

Change the theme of your room

Click on the theme of your room to change the text (Room subject). Set token targets or other useful information using the bots and apps you want.

Donations are highlighted

When a user sends you money, this operation is highlighted in the chat window. Thank him personally and everyone who is generous enough.

Check your statistics

Click on the “Contest” and “Token” tabs to see how much money you have earned by broadcasting.

Use bots and apps

Some girls who want to work in video chat have asked us … What are apps and bots? They are the way to personalize your room. Think of them as small programs that show in real time some particular data, a game, etc. You can have an app and 3 bots working at the same time. They have features such as seeing who is the user who has contributed more tips, (King of tips) and that is updated in real time. Play hangman, Twister, etc. There are also bots that can auto-ban and others that turn messages from the most annoying users into something funny. You have a very large list to choose from, so try and see which one you like best, so working in video chat is a fun thing.

A game that users love to play with me is that of fortune roulette. They spin the wheel for 25 tokens, and win some kind of prize or punishment. That makes them talk more and it’s more fun like that.

There are many apps to choose from, so look which ones you like and are the most popular for you. Each model decides to work in video chat in their own way and you shouldn’t be less. Be yourself and have personality.

I hope you came here in your reading and have a little clearer how to proceed when working in video chat with Chaturbate. It is quite simple and once you get used to it everything will be much easier.

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