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Succeed as a webcam model – Attention, Camgirls! If you are doing one of these things, it is time to stop. In modeling some may believe that everything is valid, but not. You have to take care of some technical and attitude details during the transmissions.

Whether you work on an older “private” page, or on the new, much more dynamic pages like Chaturbate or Bongacams, these are some of the things you should stop believing and start avoiding:

1. Believe that everything is sex. Being a webcam model goes beyond sex toys, fantasies, or sex in general. Being a webcam model is knowing how to connect emotionally with tippers, transmitting entertainment, is knowing how to carry on a pleasant conversation, full of charisma and sensuality, coquetry, and good vibes.

2. Exit in front of the camera as you got up. The truth is that many models do not care about their physical appearance, they do not care how they wear their hair, or their makeup. Do not be in this group, remember that you are a MODEL, that is, a person who by his appearance and qualities arouses the interest of following or enjoying. It is not necessary to overdo it but to take care of our image a little. – Succeed as a webcam model

3. Be unstable in days and hours of connection. Remember that human beings are people of habits, the best thing you can do is to transmit constantly but always keep a pattern in your schedules and days, so that your tippers know when to wait for you.

4. Lack of attitude Starting transmission with a low attitude, bad vibes or little desire is not a good idea. It should start with full attitude, energy, and charisma, because we never know exactly when a user will want to take you to a private show or send a tip.

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5. Do not pay attention to the chat. It is normal to see pending models of the cell phone or anything else and leaving the camera transmitting without them in the room or out of focus and no, that is not what your fans deserve, treat them with respect and much attention, take care of your tippers or Another model will do it for you.

6. Do not know or “Hello” in English. The people who consume the most in the pages, usually they are English-speaking or it is their second language, so, considering that fluency in the language is important for the success in the shows, it is time that you start practicing At least the basics.

Succeeding in the world of webcam models can be simple if you make the necessary effort and really try to do things in the best way and with the best of attitudes.

Succeed as a webcam model

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