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Want to spice things up and bring another independent broadcaster on cam?

You can easily add other independent broadcasters to your broadcast with Guest Accounts.

The Guest Accounts feature allows you to easily add a friend or partner to your account without the need to upload their identification to your account.
To make things really fun, you can have up to 5 independent broadcasters on camera at one time. Before adding a Guest Account, make sure your account and their account is age verified.

Start adding Guest Accounts here:

Once you have added an account as a guest, it will show up as “Pending” until the added independent broadcaster has added you as a guest on their account. When both accounts have been added as guests, the guest account will show up as “Active” here:

tutorial chaturbate guest accounts

Step by step instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to the section of the page that says “Guest Accounts”.
  3. Add the account you would like to have as a guest in the “Enter Username” field and click “Add”.
  4. The account will show as “Pendinguntil they have added your account as a guest by going to on their account.
  5. Once the account shows as “Active”, you may broadcast with age verified users on the guest account in your broadcasts.

To remove a guest account, simply click “remove” next to the username at Please note, you may have a maximum of 5 guest accounts associated with your account.

Adding New Independent Broadcasters to Your Account

Want to broadcast with someone who isn’t already an independent broadcaster on Chaturbate?

No one can appear on your account without having provided acceptable government-issued photo ID beforehand.
To add a new independent broadcaster to your account, simply visit and have the new person fill out an Independent Broadcaster Agreement and upload their ID (along with a photo of them holding the ID next to their face).

Most importantly

Always make sure you’ve received an email confirming someone identification has been approved before allowing them to appear on your broadcast or uploading any photos or videos with them in it. Please allow at least 30 minutes before following up with support about the status of a new broadcaster on your account.

Once again, always make sure you’ve received a confirmation email before the person appears on your account to avoid issues , which may include loss of age verification status, suspension, or even termination from the Chaturbate platform.

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