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For you to be successful, it is important that you know that you have to treat a public broadcast and a private show differently.

In both cases you must demonstrate your creativity and your ability to socialize, but you have to take advantage of your private shows to increase your tokens.

A private show, as its name announces, gives you the opportunity to create more intimate relationships that are based on greater trust.

We recommend having more complex conversations than those you have in the public show, take the opportunity to establish a more intimate relationship through small confessions or create friendship with some jokes. You can also make bets with your tipper on the result of a soccer game, a contest or anything else. If you lose, you promise him a very hot show, if he loses, he has to give you a certain amount of tokens. All of this can help you have longer and less boring private shows. On the other hand, if you manage to establish a bond with your tipper (emotional or friendship), it is more likely that he will return more often.

Private shows on Chaturbate are charged per minute and models can set their own rates. You should also know that there are different types of private shows. For example: private show, “Cam2Cam”, group shows and spy shows.

What price should I set for my private shows?

Private shows are charged per minute. Video chat models can set their own rates.

This is the list of fees on Chaturbate:

  • 6 tokens per minute
  • 12 tokens per minute
  • 18 tokens per minute
  • 30 tokens per minute
  • 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 tokens per minute

If you are new to Chaturbate, start with 6 tokens per minute. If you get a lot of requests for a private show, then you can increase its price to 12 tokens per minute. If you still have a lot of private shows, keep increasing the price. If they are a pair, it is better to set the price above 12 tokens per minute. but less than 60 tokens per minute. Setting too high a price doesn’t automatically make you a quality top model, it can even slow down your success rate.

In conclusion, you have to start small, and increase the rate as you receive more requests.

Private show “Cam2Cam”

Cam2Cam is where the user can also turn on their camera so that you can see it. Cam2Cam is popular with many members, while others may prefer not to be seen. For those who like reasoning it is for the two-way interaction between the member and the model, and the addition of audio and visual communication. The reason customers enjoy these shows is because it eliminates the need to write and makes the show more communicative and fun.

Group shows

Sell tickets for hidden group shows

How does a group show work?

When the application starts, the timer will start to run. Once time runs out or all tickets have been sold, the group show will automatically start. After the Show Lenght timer runs out, you will have time to get dressed again before returning live (At that time, the camera is hidden from everyone). After the return live time runs out, the group show ends.

You can start, stop or restart the group show manually at any time.


If you stop or restart the group show before it ends, the tokens will not be returned to the tippers.

Spy Shows / Voyeur Show

Many sites have what is called spy shows or voyeur shows. With this type of show, members can spy on a private in progress by paying a reduced per minute rate. Spy shows are advantageous for models because they earn money with each user who spies.

Split: private and fake spy shows

The Cam-Splitting

It is the use of special software (splitters) to transmit to several video chat pages simultaneously. The purpose of using the software to split your webcam stream is to occupy a high position in a public chat room on a few websites and go to a private show wherever it is requested.

Fake private show

Some sites allow what is called “Fake Private Show”. Fake privates are used when a model splits her broadcast on several video chat pages, and gets a private on one of these pages. It can be configured to be false private on the other pages. In this way, the model can continue to generate income from the spy show on one site while conducting a private session on another site.

Interactive toys in your private shows

Interactive sex toys like lovense have become essential for private shows. Users love having virtual sex and controlling models remotely.

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