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Erotic Video Chat Guide – Being one of the users of webchat, it also has its own tricks, therefore read this information if you want to enjoy your time in the chat rooms to the fullest.

1 – Create a user account.

Creating an account is important, because without a user, you can only access for a few minutes, then you will see an ad that prevents you from seeing the chat rooms until you register.

In addition there is a whole range of possibilities if you have a user account, from creating your own profile, to following the models you like or even chat.

If you are one of the people concerned about the confidentiality of the data, we assure you that for video chat websites, totally different rules apply to large companies such as Facebook or Google.

While Facebook or Google live to sell user data, for companies dedicated to video chat, it goes completely the opposite. These companies protect your data with maximum confidentiality, since a large number of users do not want it to be known.

2 -Make a minimum purchase – Erotic Video Chat Guide

Creating an account is totally free and gives you many advantages, but the girls who work in the video chat rooms, look VERY CAREFULLY if a user has some money in their account.

In the chat rooms the names of the users come out in different colors for paid users, in addition the models have tools to block access to private chat for users who do not have money in their account.

Making a minimum purchase, ensures special attention from the girls, you can also access the private chat.

As a trick, you can send the model a single “token” (about 10 cents) to attract the attention of the girl you are interested in. Although, normally your fantasies will not be fulfilled for such an insignificant amount, you can have some luck and get some things, such as asking him to show him some part of his body, putting himself in a suggestive “position” for you, .. ..

Do not forget … the credits (money) of your account, NEVER EXPIRA. Therefore it is not necessary to buy more, if you do not want it.

3 – Be patient and become a moderator

He talks a lot with a specific model and gains his confidence, this can make the model become the “Moderator” of his chat room. While this seems more like a job than a fun thing, the opinion of those who have tried it is very clear, according to them, it is a very satisfying experience from many points of view, including sexual.

Apparently having the possibility of banning those you do not like and encouraging those who pay, all while developing a good “show” in the chat room, creates a different satisfaction …. TRY IT.

4 – Look at the new girls – Erotic Video Chat Guide

Experienced models generally only go to meet your fantasies based on what you can afford. This changes a lot for new girls for many reasons, from which we can list:

  • Lack of experience
  • The desire to get followers
  • Lower income expectations when starting as a new model.

Anyway, you can get some very good “shows” with very little money.

Erotic Video Chat Guide

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