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Webcam model from home – The quality. It is necessary to understand this detail. Naively many models think that with the integrated camera computer, and the Internet they share at home, they can already be webcam models. Error.

What is the best time to broadcast when you are new to webcam modeling?

Webcam model from home

Fans arrive alone, but to keep us loyal to your room, you must offer them quality, punctuality, variety and creativity.

With poor quality the models are connected, seeing their slow and pixelated image, virtue of the internet and the poor computer, and for lack of a good camera they can transmit in HD. And the defective lights and a current room (sometimes unsightly) feed the long list of Colombian models that work with poor quality.

Webcam model

Note: many users block Colombian models because 90% transmit in defective conditions. In other words, because of low quality, many do not visit the Colombian rooms, often missing the opportunity to meet models that do know how to broadcast very well.

model from home

To work from home you need:

That you are of legal age, and possess the original identity card and / or passport because at the time of registration they will be necessary.

That you know English. If you don’t know it, start learning it. It’s essential. 90% of users who visit the rooms are English speaking.

That you can dedicate yourself to work 6 to 8 hours a day in an organized way on the same day, that is, select morning, afternoon or night but always be at the same time.


Work every day. Rest one a week, like normal work. The tippers are recurring. If you are at different times they will not know what time they will find you.

That you look pretty on camera. Wear good makeup and appropriate clothing. Users want to deal with pretty women on these pages. Webcam model from home

Have a very well decorated and bright room. Fans behave on the page as they do socially. When they find a room and model with good quality they know that they should spend more there, and if they are interested they will make the investment and treat it very well. However, if the room looks untidy and “cheap”, and the appearance of the model is the same, that way they will treat you, spending little and often being vulgar. Visitor psychology: “Payment for the quality offered to me”.

Webcam model TRICKS

That you can emit without interruptions or noise, without people and / or pets at home that do not let you concentrate. Sometimes the models do not turn on the audio because noise is heard and that affects the room and productivity.

That the computer is high technology.

Use a Full HD camera. – Webcam model from home


Those are the ideal conditions to transmit from home.

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