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Interested in becoming a webcam model? is a popular camming site with many great features. Becoming a webcam model and making money performing on the site is easy and something that anyone eighteen years old or older can do. All genders are accepted and the signup process is easy. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started as a webcam model.

Quick Information:

  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Services: Camming, Fanclubs, Pre-Recorded Shows
  • Model Percentage: 32%-70%
  • Cashouts: Check, ACH, Paypal, Paxum, Wire
  • Chargebacks: Covered*
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studios: Yes

What’s Required To Get Started?

The only major requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years old or older. Anyone 18+ can become a / Streamray webcam model and get paid performing on cam. There’s also some equipment requirements:

Computer: As long as the computer can handle flash, it will work with the software. Windows and iOS are both supported.

Webcam: An external HD webcam or video camera is highly recommended, and you’ll make more money by using a higher-quality feed.

High-Speed Internet: The better the upload speed, the higher quality your shows will be and the more money you’ll make.

Place To Perform: You’ll also need a place to perform. Most models use their bedroom or a dedicated camming room. Accepts All Genders: Female, Male and Transgender

Everyone is able to become a / Streamray webcam model, regardless of gender. accepts female, male and transgender accounts. It’s also possible to perform with a partner, although before you do that, your partner must also get verified and associated with your account.

How Much / Streamray Models Get Paid / Streamray works on a tiered system. The more tokens you bring in, the more credits you earn. Here’s a breakdown of the different tiers and percentages that performers can earn:

  • 32% – Up to 50,000 tokens ($5,000)
  • 50% – 50,001 and 60,000 tokens ($5,001 and $6,000)
  • 60% – 60,001 and 100,000 tokens ($6,001 and $10,000)
  • 70% – over 100,000 tokens ($10,000)

Amounts are calculated per payment period. Contests, income from the bounty program and any other bonus program announced after August 29th, 2017 do not count towards the tiered income.

100% Bonus For Referred New Users / Streamray models earn 100% for New Users on the Performer’s stream referred using Performer’s assigned tracking code. After the first 6 months using Streamray, the percentage changes to 80%.

Cashout Options Available For Models / Streamray supports the following cashout methods. Please note, that some payout methods might not be supported in certain countries:

  • Check
  • ACH / Direct Deposit
  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Wire Transfer

Different Types Of Camming Shows

There are five kinds of live shows available on Cams: Free, Nude, Private Chat, Tipping Chat, and Private Chat with cam2cam.

Free Chats are clothes-on, interactive chats between the models and the members. The point of giving free shows is to draw in members who might be reluctant at first to pay for something they can’t see. Conversion to a paying member comes when you get one to invite you to a Private Chat. See here for the rules for Free Chat.

Nude Chats are premium chats feature a live show going out to every member who accesses it. You MUST be nude during a Nude Chat. Members pay per minute, so the longer they stay, the more you earn. Nude Chats are where you can make a lot of money fast, as multiple members (all paying a per-minute fee) can view your stream at the same time, particularly loyal Fan Club members or recurring customers you first met in Free Chat. See here for the rules for Nude Chat.

Private Chats are intimate, one-on-one shows between you and the member. No other members can view or access a Private Chat. You can ask a member to take you Private, but only a member can actually initiate a Private Chat. You can ONLY go Private from a Free Chat. These are the best paying shows per-minute, and are excellent opportunities to build up a loyal following of members who might join your Fan Club and/or tune in to every Nude Chat you do. See here for the rules for Private Chat.

Tipping Chat is a version of Free Chat that allows you to set a tipping goal and allows viewers to contribute to the goal and make requests. This chat type is a great way to make money fast, especially if your show is fun and engaging. Private shows are disabled in tipping chat so you and your viewers can focus on reaching the tipping goal. You can start a show anytime during tipping chat, but you can only be nude while your show is active.

Private Chats with cam2cam are the same, only with the cam2cam feature included at an additional fee to the member. This is the top-paying show per minute, and again can only be initiated by the member (they select this option at the point where they opt in to a Private Chat, and cannot activate it once in the Private Chat). Essentially, this lets the member send you his live video image for you to interact with, heightening the experience.

Make Money From Pre-Recorded Shows

Cams picks out several of your best shows (and screen captures from them) and posts them on your public account for members to access.

Neither models nor Studios have any part of this process, but are still paid a percentage when a member accesses the Pre-Recorded Shows (NOT, however, when the Show Photos are viewed), so you can still make money on a great session weeks and months later, without having to do a single thing!

Also Get Paid from Premium Fan Clubs

Fan Clubs are a great way to earn extra money and build a loyal following of members who will regularly view your premium chats. Any member can join your Fan Club for an additional fee, so the more Fans you have, the more money you’ll make! Members of your Fan Club get discounts when they access your premium shows, and get free access to your pre-recorded shows. They also have the ability email you at your Cams address and view all your photos.

You do not have the option to restrict a member from your fan club. You can, however, still block a member’s email and chat if they are abusive in some way. If problems or gross violations persist, report it immediately by clicking the “Report Abuse” link at the bottom of any page and filling out the form. Chargeback Policy

During the 90 days after the first broadcast, you will be responsible for any chargebacks from Private Call, Private Chat, Tipping Chat, Party Chat, Nude Chat, Voyeur Chat, Cam-2-Cam, Recorded shows, Tips, Virtual gifts and Fan Club Memberships. After 90 days, / Streamray will bear all the chargebacks other than for Tips, Virtual Gifts and Fan Club Memberships. Please note that you will be responsible for all the chargebacks in instances where you are involved in fraud.

Streamray / Model Referral Program

Streamray / models who are not associated with a studio have the ability to make money from referring new models. Models have a special referral link that they can share with anyone interested in becoming a performer. This is a tiered revshare program that lasts for the first year they’re performing on the site. PlayWithMe income doesn’t count towards the revshare. Here’s the percentages models will earn from referrals.

  • Month 1-2: 36%
  • Month 3-4: 24%
  • Month 5-6: 12%
  • Month 7-8: 6%
  • Month 9-10: 4%
  • Month 11-12: 2%

If you’re not a webcam model, but would still like to recruit models for the site, check out the affiliate program, described below.

Streamray / Affiliate Program

Streamray also offers an Affiliate Program that allows webmasters to get paid for promoting the network. The affiliate program has multiple commission-types, including a model and webmaster referral program. Here’s the commission and programs for the affiliate program:

  • Revshare: Up to 35%
  • PPS: Up to $130
  • Webmaster Referral: 10%
  • Model Referral: 10% (First 6-Months)

Studio Accounts Supported

Streamray / supports studio accounts. A studio account is where models get registered under your studio. The studio is paid out directly, and is responsible for paying out their models, taking a percentage for themselves. To justify the percentage, the studio is expected to provide value for the models, whether it’s consultation, promotion or providing a physical locations for the models to cam out of.

Signup For Streamray / Today!

Ready to get started as a / Streamray webcam model? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and you can get started in no time! All genders are accepted and everyone can make money performing on the site. In addition to webcam shows, also make money from recorded shows as well as premium fanclub subscriptions.

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