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Innovation, originality and time are the keys to making a fun show and attracting users to your video chat room. Don’t be shy when it comes to broadcasting, and invite users to be part of the show!

Over the past few months, we have received a large number of questions from our users, and we have decided to write this (somewhat longer) article to answer them.

9 WELL-Intentioned Tips to Get Started Right and Move Faster on Chaturbate.

1 – Dare to be creative!

Move around, change angles and experiment with different poses. If you have the possibility, use a mirror to make the transmission look more dynamic and highlight your physical qualities, or play with different types of lights and colors. If possible, use different rooms or try to do some outdoor shows, AS LONG AS THE PROPERTY is PRIVATE (it’s chaturbate rules – private spaces only).

2 – Pay attention to the lighting in the room

In general, you should be careful with lights, as they can HELP you a lot, or hurt you a lot. It is important to reduce shadows, or find the type of light that suits you, it can be white light (cold), yellow light (hot), or even some colored lights, as long as they suit you.

Be careful with reflections, and also with lights placed in front of the camera.

3 – Optimize and organize the workspace.

The best environment to transmit is the one in which you have the most control. Make sure you have easy access to the keyboard and camera control, from your position.

Have your toys, and other things you can use during the show close at hand. If you have enough space and can organize it well, you can even have them visible (it can motivate users).

  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Regularly clean the workspace.
  • Add props – (pictures, curtains,…) on days like Halloween, cobwebs, costumes,…

4 – Use audio to your advantage!

Having good sound will help a lot to attract users to your room, just writing is not enough, viewers want to hear you, they want to feel your emotions… and… why not? listen to good music in the background.

Users want to feel connected to you, so don’t hesitate to interact with them, you can use nice compliments to make them feel good and return to your room. Or at least you can use an app to say thank you for following you, for the tips you receive and thus make the show more “live”.

5 – Invite friends to your room

If you have the opportunity, also invite friends from time to time to be part of your show. This is recommended, above all, for models who have been working for some time. This helps break the monotony that can set in after a few months. If you do NOT know how to invite friends to your room, below is a link to the tutorial.

6 – Play games, run contests and use applications

Run contests, interactive games, activate an app, or even ask for suggestions. Fun games and erotic prizes often attract users.

You can also add costumes, eye-catching accessories, sexy clothing and sex toys. Provide your fans with a fantasy world to escape from the problems of everyday life. Small details make the difference.

If you wish, here you will find some examples of apps with games for chaturbate.

7 – Use interactive toys

Interactive “toys,” like those from LOVENSE, dramatically increase direct interaction with users. Don’t underestimate the pleasure users get from having some kind of more direct “control.” Broaden your horizons and experiment with interactive toys. We recommend purchasing them directly from the official LOVENSE store to avoid any operating or hygiene problems.

8 – DO NOT lose money if you are not online!

If you are NOT online, it does NOT necessarily mean you can’t make some money. While it is true that for this you should have a good number of followers, it is just as important to add content to your profile NOW.

If a user liked your show, and wants to see you again, but you are not online, they can remember that you also had some paid videos on your profile… and, since you are not there, it would be good to buy these videos to see you again .

Activate your “Fan Club” and upload content for “fans”. Put photos, videos and access to your social networks for sale. Also don’t forget to put a profile design that contains some photos of yourself and a “Tips Menu”. Also upload some photos and some free videos (the kind where you blow them a kiss) for your users so you can remind them of what they’re missing if they don’t log in as soon as you’re online.

You will see that little by little (as you get a good number of followers) you will get money, even when you are not online.

9 – Get a moderator

As you can see, there are quite a few things to do to put on a good “show”, so… How to do it all at the same time?

Easy – get a GOOD moderator.

Usually, as soon as you start working on chaturbate, you may think that a moderator is not necessary, since you usually have very few users logged into your room and you may think that you can handle everything yourself.

This is true, you should be able to handle all of this yourself, but keep in mind that you still lack experience. Having a good moderator from the beginning can save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle, they can guide you with many things and make everything simpler.

If you have already had more than 1,000 users connected to your room, it is most likely that you already have a lot of experience, but… you no longer have the resources to respond to everyone, manage the applications, say thank you for the tips, …. and the same thing happens again… needing a GOOD moderator.

So how to get a moderator?

If you work in a studio, they will almost certainly have moderators who can take care of your room, but if you work on your own, don’t despair either, you just have to have a little “instinct” when granting “moderator” permissions. to one of your frequent users, (among those who send you tokens, or at least have tokens in their account and understand some English).

TUTORIAL – moderator permissions. (SOON)

Success comes from perseverance

Girls who are successful usually stream every day and as much as possible. If there are days when you are discouraged, keep streaming and make the audience know you, people will start following you and making money will become much easier.

Being the first, the best known or the one who earns the most is always a good thing, but DON’T get too obsessed with this. If we take a reference from football, it is true that everyone wants to win as much as Ronaldo, Benzema or Messi, but sometimes they forget that there are thousands of players who live extraordinarily well, without being big names of world renown.

Your first goal should be to earn enough for everyday life.

The second goal is, without a doubt, to earn what you consider a good life can offer you. This depends on many factors, such as the cost of living in the country you live in, your way of life and also the personal aspirations of each person. There are people who consider that they can live perfectly well with 3 thousand dollars a month, and others who consider that 20 thousand USD is not enough…

Only after completing the second goal, you can aim for the third goal – fame or really big profits. In any case, few people achieve it and even fewer stay in this position for a long period (being a champion is difficult, but it is even more difficult to keep the title).

It is not our intention to discourage anyone, but it is necessary to take a dose of reality, which tells us that the first goal is very easy to achieve for almost everyone, the third is like a dream come true (really very very difficult).

On the other hand, the second goal (enough for a good life), YES, can be achieved, but it is not easy either. It is true that you have to work a lot to achieve it, dedicate a lot of time and a lot of encouragement, so forget about believing that it is something as “poetic” as – I’m pretty! I’ll sit in front of a webcam and… miracle… suddenly it starts to rain with money!!!


As with almost everything in life, you have to put effort into it, dedicate time and effort, sometimes even a little optimism or (why not) madness. But whatever the case, you will reach your goals sooner if you inform yourself well, do not repeat mistakes that other people have already made and heed the advice you receive, as long as this advice is well-intentioned, explained and tells you why do it this way. ? And why isn’t it done this other way?

We wish you good luck!

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