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Camgirls: Broadcast From Your Mobile Phone

In the fast-paced environment we live in nowadays, we need to make the most out of the technology we have at hand, literally. Our smartphones are with us 24/7, or at least half the time. They are packed with apps and tools to help us share quality content with our audience on the best Live Sex Sites. Many camming sites offer the ability to cam from your mobile phone.

Do You Not Currently Own A Webcam or Computer ?

Another reasons models research mobile camming is because they do not currently own a webcam or computer. Mobile Camera On Live Streams Live can help you to create a deeper connection with your audience, live streaming straight from your mobile can be highly effective. It makes the live video more personal, and the spontaneity appeals to viewers. They get a chance to identify themselves with you because it feels natural. Even if you planned and rehearsed your live stream, it needs to feel natural for your audience to enjoy it.

Camming Sites Supporting Mobile Broadcasting:

NetworkPayoutNetwork DetailsAffiliate
Chaturbate5¢ / tokenChaturbateYes

Unlike more professional live streams, mobile live streaming can be a little rough around the edges. Nonetheless, you should strive for high-quality streams, which you can achieve with most smartphones nowadays.

Strive for quality

Mobile cameras can put out videos with good quality, but they might somewhat crop your image. To solve that issue, you can get clip-on camera lenses. The most important one is the wide-angle lens because it will open your shot and give your audience a better view. You can find kits with five free lenses for as little as $20.

Another crucial aspect of any live stream, on mobile or desktop, is the audio. If you want to go live straight from your phone, don’t rely on its built-in microphone. When we do mobile live streams, the device won’t stay close to our mouths, which means, the audio won’t be as clear. Plus, if it’s outdoors, the wind and background noise can interfere a lot with your stream.

To get high-quality or, at least, good-enough quality audio, you can have a lapel mic or a directional mic connected to your phone. The price range varies a lot, but it starts at around $15.

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