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At first, everything can seem like a mess … especially if you do not inform yourself well before starting. For this reason we have decided to create this small guide, with practical advice, some tips and recommendations.

It is not necessary to follow all the points to the letter, but still try not to skip too many.

No one has a magic formula for success, but putting these tips into practice will help you get more tippers, faster. These are our tips explained, point by point:

1 – PREPARATION before starting chaturbate

  • Take at least one day to inform yourself
  • Make sure you have the necessary technical means (computer, webcam …)

2 – Register your new account on Chaturbate

  • Go to the registration form as a model
  • Choose your username carefully (it should be clear and memorable)
  • Taking into account your username that you have just created in chaturbate, open accounts in the most used social networks (twitter, instagram, …)

At this point, you already have a basic user account. If you have a little more patience, you can take advantage of the “EXHBICIONIST” trick.

aprovechar el truco del EXHBICIONISTA

It is about getting more followers (followers) as a NON-VERIFIED user. You usually have to talk, joke and make “friends”. Rooms marked as exhibitionists get 10 to 30 times more followers for every hour of broadcast. Ask to be followed in your room, but not all the time, so that users do not feel overwhelmed. ATTENTION: Exhibitionists DO NOT earn money but you can take advantage of a couple of days to gain followers.

If you’ve opted to spend a few days as an exhibitionist, now is the time to submit your IDs and have your account verified. Now you can go to step 3.

3 – Make the most of the first 7 days (with the NEW label)

Chaturbate automatically marks their room with the NEW tag, the first 7 days from the date they have approved your model account. This allows users to know what the new models are.

Chaturbate marca automáticamente su habitación con la etiqueta NEW

This period is very important to earn more money in the future. Chaturbate uses an algorithm by which it gives much more visibility to your room during this period. You should spend the greatest number of hours online and try to get a large number of followers, since these will be VERY important later in order to get to the first page.

4 – From day one, use apps, bots, and hashtags.

To earn money use applications, bots and hashtags, they are of vital importance, you should NOT broadcast without them! Applications allow the user to have more interaction with your show, in addition to automating some things, such as greeting a new user or automatically thanking when you receive tokens. In the following list you will find links to articles with detailed information on some of the most used applications.

5 – Activate your fan club

In addition to making money from video chat, Chaturbate models can also earn money selling videos and photo galleries, through their premium fan club membership. Detailed information on how to activate your fan club is in THIS ARTICLE.

6 – Create a user BIO with your data

Very often, models forget to put a custom BIO – BIG MISTAKE – Having a BIO profile can help you a lot.

  • Users spend more time in your room (rom)
  • You earn additional income by selling different things from your profile.
  • You get more notoriety and more users who follow you on your social networks.
  • You can earn “passive income” even when you’re not broadcasting.

To create your TOTALLY FREE profile visit this article.

7 – Pay more attention to users who are in color.

The users who have the name written in any color except gray are the ones with tokens (money). You have to pay special attention to them since they are the ones who can pay for your shows.

Color chart

OrangeThe person who is transmitting.
RedThey are the moderators of the room.
GreenThey belong to the fan club.
Dark purpleThey have given 1,000 Tokens in the last 2 weeks.
Light purpleThey have given 250 Tokens in the last 2 weeks.
Dark blueThey have given 50 Tokens in the last 2 weeks.
Light BlueThey own or have bought tokens.
GraysIt has no tokens.

8 – Toys and wish list

Today almost all models have some kind of interactive toy. It is important, since many users prefer a more direct interaction (xx tokens = xx seconds of vibration), but if you still do not have them you can buy them in the Lovense store or put a wish list on your profile and wait until they give it to you some of your tippers.

9 – Be consistent

Consistency is another important key, since users who are earning little by little, normally have a well-defined schedule for their daily routines (work, free time, sleep hours …), but when you do not broadcast at the same time or broadcast Very little, you are not creating a “hook” with the users and apart from this if they will not find you online they will go looking for other models and the most likely thing is that you will lose that tipper that you have cost so much to obtain.

10 – Do not forget to announce that you are online.

anunciar que estas online

Before starting the broadcast, don’t forget to announce to your followers that you are ready for the show. Chaturbate gives you the ability to send an email to each of your followers the moment you start broadcasting. This action makes your room quickly gain connected users, especially if you have worked hard and have gained a large number of followers. You will get more “tips” from the first minutes of your show and you will rise faster in the TOP.

11 – Reply to private messages.

Only paying users can send you private messages, so you should spend a little of your time with them. Also many of the details of an eventual private show are discussed in this part of the chat (NOT in the public chat).

12 – Pay attention to FALSE TIPS

Being new to chaturbate, you will almost always find a “smartass” (not to call it another way) who tries to scam inexperienced models.

The most common deception is that of the photo with tokens, followed by several requests for you to do something, arguing that he has paid a certain amount, and they even threaten to report you to suspend your account.

DO NOT WORRY – Learn to differentiate a false tip from a true one, it is EXTREMELY EASY. Whenever you receive tokens (money) they will also be accompanied by a specific sound. Also all the background will be yellow, even the background below the username.

atención a los TIPS FALSOS

We hope this article helps you get started easily and with good results from the first week. And never forget it More followers = more tokens – that is why it is important to attract the attention of users from the first days, even if at first you earn less money, in a few months your effort will be rewarded.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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